So Why Natural Skincare?

Really?  Why Natural Skincare Products versus Skincare Products containing Chemicals?  Well, let’s think about that.

Do you care what food/beverages you put into your body? Do you read labels on the food packages to learn the ingredients before you purchase? Are you careful about what you ingredients you feed your children? Does your skin have strange reactions to skincare products you have or have not used before?  If you answered “yes”, to any of the above, then, what you use on your skin (the largest organ of the body), should be of paramount importance.

Choosing the best skincare products for your face and body, involves reading labels and understanding the ingredients.  Now we all know that most of the time, in fact, I would say, in nearly all cases, the ingredient list is not only extensive, but the scientific names are used, to impress and confuse us.  That tells you right off the bat, that there are unknown chemicals and non beneficial ingredients in the product. There is a purpose for this:  It’s called Marketing, i.e; MONEY.  An excessively long ingredient list usually means that there are only trace amounts of the properties USED, that may be beneficial (but rather expensive to use).  Therefore, the majority of the ingredients are pretty much useless, and would be non-impressive if laymen’s terms were used.  Additionally, the longer the list, the better for Marketing.  After all…Shouldn’t those secret, mysterious ingredients (most of which are just fillers and additives), make us look younger, improve our lines and wrinkles, and be the magic bullet to youthful skin, that we are paying Big bucks for?  We, as women, (and more recently, men), are willing to invest whatever it takes to stave off the aging process.

Sadly, nothing topical on the market can reverse the aging process.  Accept that as the sad and unfortunate truth!  The good news is…There ARE products that can slow down and improve the aging process going forward.  Think of it as preventative and minimizing how you look going forward.

A big part of that, is making sure you’re not doing more harm to your skin than good, and the ONLY way you can know that, is to know what to look for.  The first step in doing that, is looking for ingredients that you have heard of, and can even pronounce! Imagine that! No hidden chemicals, no harmful toxins (alcohol, Ammonium Laurent, Sulphates, PEGS, etc), that are easily absorbed into our skin, causing potential problems, and being totally ineffective.  The ingredients that have been proven over time, to truly benefit our skin, are derived from organic or biodynamic plants. By using an All Natural Skincare regimen, you will not only be keeping your overall body healthier, but you’re eliminating chances of redness, breakouts, irritation and possibily allergic reactions. Additionally, artificial fragrances can not only cause headaches, but in worse cases, preservatives like Parabens, have been known to effect the function of the endocrine system in our bodies.

Organic Essentials Company Products, contain ingredients that are well known, safe, effective, and have been used for centuries as beauty treatments, as far back as the days of Cleopatra.  All of our products contain Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, that work to improve your overall skin condition, and delight you with a beautiful fragrance while doing so.

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